Keeping Ships on Schedule - with Hose Management from TESS

Color Line transports millions of people annually between Norway and abroad by sea. Behind the scenes, TESS ensures the maintenance of hoses on board.

Frode Eriksen is on board the Color Fantasy, which runs between Oslo and Kiel. In mid-January, it was time for scheduled maintenance at Revierkaia in Oslo. In this connection, service personnel from TESS were on board, including for the replacement of hydraulic hoses for the steering gear that moves the ship's rudder.

In this single vessel alone, there are about 1,000 hoses that, among other things, provide power transmission to the bow door, stern door, stabilizers, and car deck. A hose failure can have serious consequences and, in the worst case, cause the ship to be taken out of operation.

- Just think about the costs if the ship docks and cannot open the bow door due to a fault in a hydraulic hose. It's a matter of hundreds of vehicles and passengers who can't get off the ship or on board, says Eriksen.


Providing Predictability for the Customer

This is where TESS comes into play with its hose management system (TESS Hose Management): All hoses are marked with an ID tag that is scanned with a handheld device. In this way, the inspections performed by TESS are recorded, as well as the status of the hoses and planned replacements.

- TESS ensures a complete overview and a maintenance plan. This gives the customer control over when the hoses need to be replaced, as well as a budget for the associated costs. We find that the system is very well received and provides predictability for the customer, says Frode Eriksen.

With room for 2,400 passengers and 750 cars, Color Fantasy is one of the world's largest cruise ships with a car deck. TESS is also responsible for the hoses on board the four other ships belonging to Color Line.

- Together with Stig Madsen, who is the service manager at TESS Sør, we have regular meetings with the chief engineers at Color Line. There, we agree on how often the hoses should be replaced and set these criteria together, says Eriksen.

- For example, hoses for doors and bows on Superspeed 1 and 2 were previously replaced every two years. Now we have increased the interval to 10 years, provided we do not find any faults or wear during the annual inspection. From a sustainability perspective, it makes sense to reduce unnecessary replacements, Eriksen points out.

How important is Color Line as a customer? 
- I would say it is a very important customer for us, and we also see further growth potential."



HOSE REPLACEMENT: Service employee Monir Abu Sagr and Frode Eriksen during the replacement of a hydraulic hose for the steering gear that moves the ship's rudder.


TESS - A Total Supplier

In the long term, TESS may also deliver bunkering hoses and take responsibility for hydraulic hoses at dock facilities where the ships berth.

One of TESS's strengths is the breadth of goods and technical services the company can deliver. In addition to hose service and maintenance, TESS has also delivered lubrication systems, hydraulics, and cylinders through its subsidiaries Hydraulikteknikk, Smøreteknikk, and Sylinderakutten.

- TESS has chosen to acquire the right companies within pipes, hydraulics, hoses, and technical services. This enables us to deliver a wide range of products and services. We always say yes to inquiries, whether it concerns gaskets, compensators, or special tools, says Eriksen.

- Color Line sees that TESS can deliver much more than just hoses.



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