Building dryers

  • Service and repair and warranty workshop for multiple brands



TESS specializes in project deliveries for onshore, offshore, and marine industries. We provide project management, technical consulting, design, extended documentation, and deliveries for various packages and maintenance services. 


First aid control

  • HSE first aid control, inspection, and refilling


High-pressure washers

  • Service, repair, and annual inspection of cold and hot water washers
  • Warranty workshop for multiple brands


Integrated Supply

  • 24/7 availability of critical products
  • Customer-specific inventory management that reduces costs
  • Scalable solutions 


Lifting and loading

  • Annual inspection


Torque wrenches

  • Calibration and certification of keys up to 3000 Nm



TESS takes responsibility for your needs, from business development to production, and technical facilitation.


Hoses 24/7 service

  • Customization and assembly of all categories of hoses with corresponding fittings
  • Pressure testing, conductivity testing, and documentation
  • Hose and pipe installation at the customer site
  • Advice on all hose issues
  • Mobile service: Specially equipped service vehicles for both emergency and planned assignments
  • Hose Management System (THM): Advanced hose maintenance system, which includes customized program and hardware, expertise, processes, and a specially trained workforce. This system provides optimal hose lifecycle management, reduced maintenance costs, and increased uptime.


Welding equipment

  • Service, repair, and validation of all types of welding equipment
  • Warranty workshop for multiple brands


Compressed air systems

  • Repair and annual service of compressors and compressed air systems
  • Design and installation of complete compressed air systems


Washing systems

  • Design and installation of complete high-pressure systems in car washes, etc.