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Sustainability in TESS

Value creation for the customer, and the society, both locally and globally


Value creation for our customers and local communities has been a priority since our inception over 50 years ago. Our aim is to remain at the forefront and continue generating value in a time of significant change. Our focus on sustainable development, innovation, environmental consciousness, and quality is designed to instill confidence in our customers when choosing TESS as their supplier.



Sustainable business practice

Sustainable business practices are deeply rooted in TESS's core values and our management systems for Health, Safety, and Quality, based on the ISO standards 9001, 14001, and 45001. Sustainability elements are integrated into the policy as an integral part of it.

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Responsible Procurement and Sustainability in the Supply Chain

At TESS, we are dedicated to upholding sustainable business practices that prioritize the well-being of people, communities, and the environment. As part of this commitment, we have formulated guidelines for our suppliers, which complement our own policy.

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Selected Sustainability Goals

Our sustainability efforts and strategy at TESS are based on selected sustainability goals, derived from the significant areas of our business operations that can impact people, communities, and the environment.

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Health, Safety and Quality

Sustainability at TESS is managed through our management systems. TESS's senior management conducts annual reviews of our quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with ISO standards.

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If you have any questions, please contact:

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Marius Jacobsen

Head of HSE-Q and Sustainability
481 36 739