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Hose Management

Safe operations and reduced costs


TESS Hose Management (THM) is an advanced hose maintenance system that includes customized software and hardware, expertise, processes, and a specially trained workforce. This system provides optimal hose lifecycle management, reduced maintenance costs, and increased uptime. TESS takes full responsibility for compliance with regulations and standards.


TESS Hose Management ensures

  • Increased uptime and profitability

  • Enhanced safety

  • 20-50% reduction in maintenance and logistics costs

  • Decreased CO2 emissions

  • Improved employee competence

  • 3-year warranty on hoses

Why a hose control system?

Hose ruptures can cause the release of hazardous substances, leading to:

→ Downtime and operational shutdowns

→ Hazardous events such as fires and accidents

→ Environmental emissions

This, in turn, can result in:

→ Risk of harm to individuals and loss of life

→ Production halts and revenue loss

→ Damaged reputation

→ Severe environmental damage


Want to know more about what we offer?

Jan Georg Thunes
Operational Director THM
+47 951 05 968

Rune Sigurdsen

Sales Director THM
+47 947 83 828

Increased safety with risk-based maintenance


At all facilities, there will be varying risks of hose ruptures. Normally, around 15% of hoses will be exposed to higher risks. With risk-based maintenance, operational reliability increases, and risk is reduced by focusing on high-risk hoses. This results in less equipment downtime, environmental emissions, and personnel harm.

Safety is enhanced by inspecting hoses with high criticality more frequently than those with low criticality. Inspection and hose replacement planning are coordinated with other maintenance, further reducing downtime.

Through THM Hose Control, your company is offered a competency package that brings improvements related to HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment). The combination of increased knowledge providing incentives for change and improvement related to both systems and personnel. Interaction with a hose specialist leads to increased attention and understanding of safety and the environment. This combination provides a basis for better compliance with laws and regulations, pollution prevention, and reduced risk.


Seven Viking utilizes TESS Hose Management



Reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

THM provides increased safety, uptime, and profitability, along with improvement of HSE factors and environmental and climate indicators. The concept has a positive impact on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the environment, and is continuously developed to adapt to the requirements and needs of the industries.

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Some of our projects

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Competence and training

TESS can provide training at customers' locations both onshore and offshore. We have established and implemented a robust training program through our own TESS Academy, offering training to both employees and customers. Emphasis is placed on practical skills and a hands-on approach in training so that new skills can be applied in the workplace.

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