Training, Courses and Certification

We offer:

  • Certification/Examination of Welders: All methods internally/externally according to ISO 9606-1/5, machine operators according to ISO 14732 (external), and solderers according to ISO 13585.

  • Welding School/Welding Courses: All methods with the possibility of dedicated classrooms for theoretical instruction. Courses are tailored to individual experience levels with no fixed course dates.

  • Welder Testing (Site-Test)

  • Development of pWPS - WPS

  • Facilitation for Welding Procedure Qualification (WPQR)

  • Electronic Signature on Welding Certificates: Updated in the Weld Eye database for biannual updates.

Welding Simulator

Provides a nearly real welding environment with realistic weld pool and actual welding sounds, helping welders learn and adjust their technique. Simulates sparks, slag, grinding, and weld cooling. Logs development and replicates correct machine setup using a welding procedure (WPS). Users must select gas type, process, gas flow, current/voltage, and wire feed speed in the system before starting welding.

Pricing upon request.
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