Container Modules

TESS provides customized container modules that can be tailored and scaled to meet the specific needs of any project or customer.

Our modular containers can include a range of facilities, such as retail spaces, TESSgate 24/7 access points, hose workshops with pressure testing, and storage.

We strive to deliver the solutions as complete as possible for each project, using the latest standards to reduce energy consumption and optimize space utilization during the construction period.

Example Contents:

  • Retail space with shelves
  • Storage and office space
  • Complete hose workshop in a separate module
  • Toilet facilities
  • Lighting, power outlets, and heating
  • Ventilation
  • TESSgate with 24/7 access to goods
Custom interiors are tailored to customer needs, and the modular buildings can be scaled by adding additional modules as desired.




Want to know more about what we offer?

Marius Jacobsen

Rental Manager
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