Hose Workshop

TESS has Norway's largest network of hose workshops with 130 locations across the country.

Our employees have the industry's leading professional qualifications. TESS is known for providing excellent service and delivering high-quality products.

All TESS hose workshops are approved according to the guidelines underlying the ISO certifications. The basis for approval is competence, equipment, and documented quality assurance of the equipment.

Certificates and approvals related to TESS Approved Hose Workshop:

  • DNV-approved hose fitters
  • BV approval (Bureau Veritas)
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Marine Equipment Directive (MED-D) – system
  • Marine Equipment Directive (MED-B) – hoses
  • "Sakkyndig virksomhet" (machinery and equipment with hoses and segment-anchored work equipment) 
  • Offshore certificates


  • TESS Hose Management (THM) – hose control system
  • Competence (skills and knowledge) – Basic courses, specialized courses, and TESS Academy
  • Hose Master