TESSgate at Equinor Kårstø 

The first indoor TESSgate was opened February 2019 at Equinors process facility at Kårstø. There is an increasing interest in TESS’s digital storage solutions among our customers. The product range is self-selected by the customer and embraces a wide maintenance area at the facility.  

TESSgate is a storage solution for automatic registration of withdrawals connected to Equinor's warehouse. The gate is controlled using access cards and provides complete overall control of individual consumption. Replenishment of goods for the TESSgate is ordered and sent directly from TESS Logistics' warehouse in Lier and the products are pre-marked with RFID tags registered in the local TESSgate. 

The maintenance staff uses the TESSgate for mechanical, automation, electrical, and tool chambers. We have a close and good dialogue and adjust the range according to the wishes and needs of the customers, who are increasingly concerned with savings and process improvements, supply solutions.