Project Greensand

In collaboration with leading players within the offshore industry, TESS has developed a concept that enables the transportation of liquid CO2.

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TESS is contributing to a sustainable future in many areas. In Denmark, TESS is participating in the prestigious CCS project, Project Greensand. This project's target is to establish a value chain for the transportation and storage of CO2 offshore with the ultimate goal of storing 8 million tonnes of CO2 per year within 2030.

TESS has successfully developed and supplied hose solutions for the safe transfer of liquid CO2 during the current pilot phase, supporting the transport from shore to ship and from ship to rig, proving that TESS is ready to support our clients' innovative and forward-looking solutions for a sustainable future. 


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Bent-Ole Hilbert
North Sea Alliance Manager 

+ 47 941 67 123