Total Solution Provider to Volvo Maskin

As a major machinery supplier, Volvo Maskin requires a wide range of products and services, and TESS helps to organize everything.

At Volvo Maskin's main workshop in Mastemyr, TESS provides a variety of services including TESSgate, Partnershop, TESS-manned hose workshop, and large deliveries of oil products – solutions and deliveries that offer the customer significant savings and efficiency gains. 

- Volvo Maskin has gradually developed into a total customer. In addition to an unmanned warehouse, hose workshop, and Partnershop, they have agreements on central lubrication and assembly through Smøreteknikk. Our deliveries of products, technical solutions, and services to Volvo Maskin show that the term 'total solution provider' is increasingly applicable to TESS, even within the contractor segment," says Bjørn Erik Halvorsen, KAM for Volvo Maskin, at TESS Ski.

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Lubrication Cases and Tool Carts

As the customer manager, Halvorsen is practically a permanent fixture at the Mastemyr workshop.
- There is always one of us walking around and being available so the workshop can meet all its needs, he says, taking the opportunity to acknowledge other key contributors at TESS who ensure Volvo Maskin always receives top service. 
- Jørn Svensen, who runs the Partnershop at Mastemyr, does a formidable job there. Sigbjørn Kjos as well, he works as a backup KAM for me and helps with much of the work happening with the customer," Halvorsen says.

TESS has a close and good collaboration with Smøreteknikk.
- Eirik Schlytter, the general manager, has helped us create custom lubrication cases for Volvo with parts and equipment. Smøreteknikk has also conducted courses for Volvo, and they do a great job installing central lubrication equipment on the machines. In connection with TESS supplying tools to Volvo Maskin, we have also made tool carts. Bård Olai Olssen, who has been responsible for the production of the carts, has done an extremely good job with these," says Halvorsen.


"Frees Up Time for Volvo Employees"

Volvo Maskin, through department manager Petter Sakshaug, is very pleased with the collaboration with TESS.

- A representative from TESS is here with us daily, helping with hose production and ensuring we have all the materials we need for the daily operation of the workshop. This solution works very well. That TESS is also a total supplier of tools and equipment and assists in procuring most products and services frees up time to serve our customers and meet their needs and desires," says Sakshaug.


Better Control with Unmanned Storage Solution

A TESSgate is placed in the workshop and functions as a local storage for maintenance and consumable items. The statistics from TESSgate provide a good overview of which items are used most and who is taking them out.
- For us, it works very well that TESS refills consumables and products in the TESSgate. The products are available to our mechanics at all times, and we also get better control over consumption. We also use the TESSgate to keep track of our specialized tools and can easily see who retrieves and uses the tools we store there, says Sakshaug, adding:
- With TESS as a total supplier, we have a solid partner who understands our needs and has the same attitude as us regarding what good service is and how it contributes to making the workday easier."