Cost Cutting with Environmental Benefits

Reducing operational and maintenance costs while simultaneously increasing environmental gains and safety may sound like a utopia. However, with top-quality, biodegradable lubricants, this becomes achievable. The secret lies in the extreme service life of the oil.

Only economically viable, technically mature, and environmentally adapted concepts are truly sustainable.

Panolin oils for construction machinery, agriculture, and forestry are based on 100% saturated esters and carefully selected additives. These are products that are highly stable and high-performing over long periods due to their resistance to external influences, such as high temperature, pressure, shear forces, and water, as well as their extreme oxidation stability.


Panolin stands for highly robust oils with a lifespan that exceeds common mineral oils by many times. Panolin has been tested in construction machinery for over 20,000 hours of use without replacement while providing full protection to operationally critical components.

Extended oil change intervals primarily mean increased uptime. At the same time, costly maintenance work is saved. When oil consumption decreases, this means fewer purchases, less purchasing administration, and reduced transportation and storage costs.


In the event of accidental spills, Panolin oils will degrade without affecting the environment and with only minimal residual products. Panolin also does not form films on water. Panolin HLP Synth hydraulic oil has been tested for toxicity and biodegradability, and complies with recognized German, English, and Swedish standards for environmentally adapted oils (EAL oils).

Long service life means lower oil consumption. This results in less transport of new oil and used oil, as well as reduced disposal of used oil. The outcome is reduced CO2 emissions throughout the oil's lifecycle compared to the use of conventional lubricants.

Meets strict quality standards

Swiss-based Panolin International Inc. has been working with environmentally adapted oils for over 35 years and has developed cutting-edge technology in the field. The goal is always to develop products that provide environmental benefits without compromising on high quality and performance.

Panolin oils meet various quality requirements from, among others, Caterpillar, Volvo, and Asian manufacturers. Panolin HLP Synth is also the only EAL oil preferred by Bosch-Rexroth for their pumps and motors according to RDE 90245.

TESS carries Panolin in its product range

YX Smøreolje AS is the Norwegian importer of Panolin environmentally adapted oils. TESS carries Panolin oils in its range and is available through its over 130 service centers throughout Norway.

Panolin is used in construction equipment especially where there is a risk of accidental spills. The areas of application and the possibilities for environmental benefits and savings are even more numerous. The oils can be used where conventional mineral oil is used today.

Save costs - protect the environment - increase performance