Safety Solutions for Tunnels and Mines

In collaboration with leading suppliers, we offer sales and rental of safety solutions for tunnels and mines.

Refuge Chambers

MineARC Nordic Edition Refuge Chambers are pioneers in meeting the latest safety standards outlined by the Norwegian Association for Rock Blasting Technique.

These chambers, accommodating 8 to 24 persons, ensure a minimum 24-hour occupancy and comply with stringent requirements, including:

  • Gas-tight construction with controlled positive pressure exceeding 100Pa
  • Continuous monitoring of O2, CO2, and CO levels
  • Internal climate control for comfort and safety
  • 24-hour power backup with a separate battery bank
  • Robust build with 5mm steel plates, capable of withstanding pressure loads of 0.5 bar
  • Equipped with emergency exits, fork pockets, and lifting lugs for easy handling
  • Visibility with yellow color RAL 1016 and reflective bands on all sides
  • Clear external labeling, "REFUGE CHAMBER - REDNINGSKAMMER," on all four sides

24/7 service:

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Saving lives

In a crisis, the refuge chamber can accommodate many people, and continuous breathing air treatment allows them to move freely without escape masks, smoke diver masks, or hose connections. Power supply with a separate battery bank for at least 24 hours of occupancy ensures correct indoor climate and external communication. There are many standard variants of the Nordic Edition mobile refuge chambers, designed for up to 24 persons for up to 36 hours of occupancy.

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Demonstrasjon og opplæring

We offer demonstrations and training sessions.

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Mobile toilet systems

Our EnviroLAV system, designed for ease of operation and maintenance, offers a hygienic solution for both above and below-ground environments. It's ideal for projects with space constraints and ensures optimal hygiene standards are maintained.

Additional Offerings:

  • Self-rescue equipment
  • Mine lighting
  • Permanent refuge room installations
  • Documentation


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