Our history

Historical Milestones

1968: Teknisk Service AS is founded on July 10, 1968. Opening on September 2, 1968.

1972: Expansion begins. Larger premises and establishment in Stavanger.

1976: TESS expands to Bergen, Ålesund, and Drammen, initiating collaboration with the CCB base and acquiring larger premises.

1977: Further expansion with the establishment of service centers in Oslo and Hønefoss, totaling 50 employees and sales reaching approximately 20 million NOK.

1980-1990: Extensive new establishments including Hamar, Haugesund, Florø, Elverum, Holmestrand, Molde, Lysaker, Kristiansand, Kristiansund, CCB, Hokksund, Sandnes, Kollbotn, Mongstad, Arendal, Spjelkavik, Horten, Gjøvik, Rana, Sogn, Tønsberg, Larvik, Sandvika, Skien, Stjørdal, Østfold, Ulsteinvik, Kongsberg, Sandefjord, and Mandal.

1991: Records set with sales reaching approximately 225 million NOK. Solid net profit and liquidity lay the foundation for continued growth.

1995: Expansion continues with TESS opening branches in Stord (former franchise), Halden (acquisition of Vesco), Verdal (acquisition of HBK), Karmøy, and Farsund. Partnering and Inplant collaboration with ABB.

1998: TESS celebrates its 30th anniversary with the TESS Triple Show.

2003: Marks 35 years since TESS's establishment, achieving over one billion NOK in sales for the first time.

2005: TESS expands operations into Sweden and Scotland.

2009: Launches subsea production operations.

2011: Acquires fifty percent of Bic in Brazil, named BICTESS. Receives a major order for THM from Maersk Drilling and acquires fifty percent of the shares in T&M Hydraulics in Houston.

2018: TESS is established in Gran Canaria. Celebrates its 50th anniversary with the Industry Trade Fair and a jubilee party at the Telenor Arena, achieving a turnover of 3.3 billion NOK. Erik Jølberg transfers ownership to the Erik Jølberg Foundation.

2019: Opens the first TESSgate at Equinor. The Erik Jølberg Foundation donates 1.5 million NOK to children and youth in Lier.

2022: TESS becomes a member of Ethical Trade Norway. Collaborates with Aker Solutions and Aker BP to test a concept enabling unmanned bunkering from supply vessels to oil platforms. Erik Jølberg celebrates his 80th birthday with a celebration at the TESS headquarters in Lier.