First unmanned storage offshore

Twenty-five years ago, TESS envisioned that all offshore installations/platforms should have an unmanned storage solution from TESS.

The first TESSgate was loaded aboard a supply ship from Kristiansund heading to the platform in 2022.  

Placing the first unmanned storage solution offshore containing MRO products is the first step toward fulfilling our dream.    

TESS already has 160 unmanned storage solutions in operation with our customers spread over Norway. In addition comes TESS's other integrated solutions like PartnerShop and SmartCabinet. 



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Benefits for both the platform operator and the individual user on board:   

  • Access 24/7, also for the contractors on board   

  • Automatic registration of withdrawals using an access card or RFID

  • Opportunity for equipment lending   

  • The customer owns the storage 

  • Statistics/consumption overview   

  • Possibility to charge actual cost center on board   

  • RFID-marking of goods by the supplier prior to offshore shipment

  • Easy resupply 



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Market and sales director Integrated Supply/International 

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