Responsible sourcing

Careful and responsible trading lays the foundation of values for our daily business. The membership of Ethical trade Norway will further develop our work, ensuring that we comply with the highest international standards in terms of openness, transparency, and satisfactory performance.

The aim is to further develop internal expertise for trading and supplier chain monitoring. This will enable us to offer the best possible protection for social sustainability, the economy, and the environment in our contracts. Our customers should feel confident that we take responsibility for what we source and are proactive in all areas.  

Cooperation is important for success. Ethical trade Norway gives us access to a good network and a broad range of knowledge and expertise. Working ethically will promote social sustainability and environmental considerations throughout the supply chain. 

The goal is to eliminate harm to people, the environment, and resources. Through our membership of Ethical trade Norway and the systematic approach to ethical trading, we harness our efforts to achieve this goal.  

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Ethical trade Norway is a member organisation and a resource centre for sustainable commerce. Founded in 2000, Ethical Trade Norway is currently the Nordic region’s largest network of companies, organisations and public bodies that work with a commitment and systematic approach to ensuring sustainable supply chains.