Reduced emissions

Targeted work allows us to map consumption at all our locations. We have undertaken measures to identify over-consumption and power sources that are not desirable.

The following measures have been implemented:  

  • Balanced ventilation systems have been installed at the head office in Lier and at five other TESS locations. 

  • Lighting in the main warehouse in Lier has been changed to LED lighting. 

  • A number of locations have installed LED outside lighting and motion sensors.  

  • We have installed hourly electricity metering, which means that we can monitor consumption patterns and take action. 

  • Waste sorting: Recycling rate 87% with a target of 88%. We have a good agreement with a supplier for the delivery of hose waste, etc.  

Additional measures:  

  • Encouraging electric power when purchasing new vehicles

  • Installing more charging stations at service centres for customers and employees. 

  • Encouraging employees to purchase private electric vehicles by providing good rates for car advertising. 

  • Collaborating and interacting with customers and suppliers with a focus on the environment and social responsibility. 

  • Considering the installation of solar panels on all our buildings.