Environmental Management System

Based on ISO 14001:2015.

TESS as, TESS Logistics AS, TESS Subsea AS, TESS Vest AS are certified in accordance with the standard. TESS as was the first in the industry to be certified in accordance with the new standard (14001:2015) in 2017. In 2021, TESS negotiated centrally on refuse collection agreements at all locations. All our service centres and properties have a sorting rate target of more than 70%. 

We must ensure that waste is handled responsibly and that environmental stations are clearly visible and marked on our properties. Our aim is for the waste to have a sound and sensible environmental circle with a focus on recycling and reuse. TESS Logistics AS is a Green Dot member. 


   TESS will reduce our environmental impacts and greenhouse emissions through:  

  • Waste sorting

  • Minimising storage and use of chemicals

  • ENØK initiatives 

  • Setting requirements for suppliers 

  • Setting requirements for carriers to reduce emissions  

  • Setting requirements for environmental reporting  

  • Reducing the number of flights through the use of interaction solutions

  • Increasing the number of electric vehicles TESS owns  

  • Increasing the number of electric vehicles with TESS profiling owned by TESS

  • Integrated supply solutions  

  • THM (TESS hose management)