Service menu

The THM service menu is a highly effective tool for increasing system uptime. The menu is comprehensive and thus covers most of our customers' needs.

→ Measurement

→ Marking and registration

→ Inspection

→ Establishing structure/hierarchy

→ Risk assessment 

→ Optimization 

→ Maintenance strategy

→ Spare parts arrangement

→ Emergency and reserve hose sets

→ Education/training

→ Maintenance agreement

→ Maintenance plan

→ Hose replacement

→ Hose control

→ Software as a Service

→ Hardware as a Service




The THM system offers solutions specifically developed for hose management. The database provides generic data about hoses and fittings, documentation for each hose (history, certificates, drawings, pictures, etc.), and all related details for hose management and inspection processes. Comprehensive audit trails provide data and control over changes made in the database. The customer logs in to CustomerWEB via



The software component of the THM system is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), thus providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for our customers. 


THM is tailored for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and works on both iOS and Android platforms.


Full transparency - the customer owns all data

All hose data from the measurement assignment is the customer's property, and you have full access to all your own data 24/7. You can also update your data and export it to your ERP system. It requires no investment or integration with your maintenance system or ERP. TESS guarantees uptime for both the system and hardware and has specialists handling security – ISO 270001, Backup, and Fire standards.

The system frees up personnel for other tasks and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as TESS ensures the best IT solution at all times. Through SaaS and HaaS, flexible capacity is enabled for, for example, larger hose replacement operations. Service Level Agreements on hardware ensure that you have functional equipment ready for use.

The maintenance process is digitally supported, and KPIs make it easy to keep track of a large number of hoses. Digital support ensures that maintenance is performed and reported, and hoses are digitized through barcode, QR code, or RFID tag for quick and error-free reporting. A simple and very fast process for price requests (RFQ) is available in the system and also simplifies the subsequent payment process. The system provides a complete overview of all historical data per hose, such as inspections, hose replacements, and any changes to specifications logged with unique ID numbers.


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