Competence and training

TESS has established a certification program for its THM operators, covering both theoretical and practical knowledge. This experience benefits our customers by offering courses tailored to the customer's chosen hose management solution.

TESS provides a comprehensive range of technical courses. TESS has developed a certification program based on relevant industry standards. This ensures the competence of our employees and the quality delivered by them. Tailored courses can be conducted to match specific training needs.

Typically, customer-specific training includes the following topics:

  • Risk-based maintenance

  • THM Administration

  • Hands-on training on equipment and software

  • Inspection procedures and knowledge of hose faults

  • Pressure testing


Want to know more about what we offer?

Jan Georg Thunes
Operational Director THM
+47 951 05 968

Rune Sigurdsen

Sales Director THM
+47 947 83 828