Integrated Supply

Optimize your operational expenses with TESS supply solutions

Ensure stock availability precisely when required! Pay upon usage, with meticulous consumption tracking by employee ID, work number, and project number.

Access scalable solutions with 24/7 availability of critical products. Automated ordering and replenishment not only save time but also contribute to environmental preservation by curbing emissions and minimizing waste.

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Supply solutions minimize environmental impact through:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions due to fewer transports
  • Enhanced consumption oversight to minimize product wastage
  • Streamlined transport processes resulting in time and cost savings
In this video you can see the following solutions: PartnerShop, ConTESS, Vending Machine, and SmartCabinet.


The solutions:

TESS forsyningsløsninger OrdreApp - webImage


Streamlines the ordering process with in-app scanning and ordering directly from your own warehouse, providing real-time inventory control. Available 24/7 for your convenience.

TESS forsyningsløsninger PartnerSkap - webImage


Cabinet stocked with high-demand, critical products, allowing withdrawals based on pre-agreed assortments. Consumption tracking and inventory management are automated through RFID technology. Accessible 24/7.

TESS forsyningsløsninger GATE - webImage


A fully automated portal granting 24/7 access. RFID technology facilitates seamless user authentication, product retrieval, restocking, and consumption billing. Can be installed onsite or integrated with the ConTESS container solution.

See video


TESS forsyningsløsninger Container - webImage


A portable container solution offering a pre-defined product selection. Easily supplemented with TESSgate for 24/7 access.




A temporary service hub situated at construction sites, offering comprehensive supply, technical expertise, and support. Can be paired with TESSgate for access 24/7.

TESS forsyningsløsninger PartnerShop - webImage



A dedicated service center located at your premises, providing access to the full product range and specialized technical support, such as hose workshops. Can be complemented by TESSgate for 24/7 accessibility.

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Explore our brochure for detailed insights into our supply solutions. Integrerte Forsyningsløsninger - webImage


For further information, please contact:

Roar Kleven, +47 905 64 156

Knut Jølberg, +47 906 01 763