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Integrated Supply

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The market’s best solutions for MRO supply

Do you want to have access to products and services when you need them, cost-effectively and quickly?

We integrate into your supply chain and implement modern technology and efficient tailormade processes. Get the goods delivered the way you want, where you are. You get lower costs, efficient inventory management, and good traceability.


Ensures uptime

In a market that places greater demands on efficiency and earnings, we want to be a partner that ensures uptime and contributes to optimizing your supply chain. Based on the customer’s needs, we can quickly integrate a cost-effective solution, which optimizes both goods supply and information flow.



  • Access 24/7

  • Automatic Inventory Management

  • Direct cost accounting and consumption overview

  • Lending and equipment control

  • Reduced purchasing costs and CO2 emissions

  • Costs only after withdrawal

  • Possibility of services, technical support and goods outside our normal range


First Partnershop in 1995 at ABB in Drammen

Achievements are close to a billion in customers saving, which makes up 27% of the value of the goods and services. A link in the distribution chain is eliminated, and the savings benefit customers.

TESS is proud to be at the forefront, with extensive experience collaborating with our customers with cost-effective and sustainable supply solutions, says founder Erik Jølberg. With our supply solutions, we are also helping to save significant amounts of CO2 by reducing the number of transports and visits from suppliers.

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Roar Kleven
Director Integrated Supply

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