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Hose Bundles & Umbilicals

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Highly Flexible & User Friendly

TESS is specialized in project deliveries for the subsea industry where high demands for quality of materials and services are received, and where on time delivery for materials and documentation and HSE are vital.

We have a strong focus on collaboration and responsiveness
to support our clients in all ways required and to ensure a smooth and
efficient project execution, either it is a small or large project to reduce lead time and secure on time delivery.

TESS provides the capacity and capability to produce most types of hydraulic distribution solutions which involves either thermoplastic hoses or stainless steel tubes or just mechanical hydraulic assembly.


Providing products based on

  • Customer designs with free-issued components

  • Customer design where TESS procures all incoming materials from specified sources

  • Components from existing OEM suppliers.

  • New design and qualification to meet project-specific requirements


TESS also provides service and repair work both in-house and on-site at the client or requested location.

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Sales Manager Offshore

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