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Drilling Hoses

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TESS has been supplying high quality HP hoses to API standards for decades to both the Norwegian and the international market with great success. TESS deliver products that meet various applicable standards (API 7K, API 16C, API 17K). We provide dimensions from 2” to 6” and working pressures ranging up to 15 000 PSI.

TESS’ extensive experience as a complete supplier of hoses for all services ensures that our product line consist of durable, high quality hoses. This provides our clients with the confidence that our hoses meet their technical requirements and quality necessary to maintain production, prevent downtime etc. Investing in reliable, high quality hoses provides predictability in any project. Drilling hoses are costly and often there is more cost effective to carry out inspections and repairs, rather than replacing the complete assembly.

TESS offers both onsite inspection and repairs as well as re-testing and installation of hoses, in order to prolong the lifetime of the hoses, reduce risk and minimize cost.


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Magnus Frøiland
Sales Manager Offshore

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