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Chemical & Metal Hoses

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Chemical Hoses

TESS offers an extensive range of hoses purpose built to handle most chemicals. Specially designed hoses with inner tubes in Teflon, EPR, PE etc. provide solutions for transfer of fluids with the most aggressive chemical properties. In addition to rubber hoses and steel hoses, TESS also supplies a full range of composite hoses suitable for chemicals.

Conveyance of LNG is one of the most demanding operations for hoses and couplings. TESS offers proven and certified solutions for this application both within ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship operations. In addition to hoses, in both composite and steel material, TESS delivers quick couplers and breakaway couplings for safe operations.



Metal Hoses & Welding Services

With the combination of resisting full vacuum and temperatures in the range from -196°C to +550°C, TESS metal hoses are well suited for the transfer of gases, chemicals, oil
products, steam and hot fluids.

TESS metal hoses provide great flexibility and enables absorption of normal vibrations in most type of machines and piping installations. The hoses are type approved by DNV-GL, and TESS also provides documentation according to PED directive 2014/68/EU where requested.

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Steel Compensators

TESS also delivers steel compensators. These can be tailor-made according to length and motion requirements and are used to absorb and neutralize different movements and vibrations in piping installations.

Along with the metal hoses and compensators, TESS is offering a range of related services offshore. Our technicians travel offshore onboard installations to carry out surveys, optimizing current solutions and installing hoses which are prefabricated at our HQ. TESS covers everything from simple metal hoses to more complicated and tailor made solutions.


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