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Bulk Loading Hoses

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Bulk loading hoses are expensive investments and the introduction of hose reels for storage has been a huge improvement in lifespan
to the hose assembly.

Bulk loading hoses are a vital product in the oil industry on both installations and mobile units. It is important that the bulk hose assembly contains quality products that meet the various requirements of the industry and recognized organizations.

TESS is a major supplier of Bulk loading hoses to the oil industry. Both national and international customers have experienced our beneficial solutions which has given them a good long-term economy.

Our secret is good knowledge of market requirements and we may have the best suppliers in our supply chain who is innovative and always willing to make improvements to make the customers satisfied.


OCIMF Marine Hose

TESS can supply marine hoses in full compliance with OCIMF – GMPHOM 2009. Hoses are available in the dimensions 6’’ to 24’’ ID with pressure range from 15 to 21 BAR, as per OCIMF regulations. The hoses have been proven throughout different applications (CBM, SPM, FSO, FPSO) on a global scale.

In addition to the supply of high quality OCIMF hoses, TESS can provide maintenance for hoses in service, maintaining service requirements as set forth in industry guidelines, assuring integrity of hose installation and ultimately increasing uptime.

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