TESS Subsea


  • 24 Employees
  • 70 MNOK Turnover
  • Daughter company of TESS AS Worldwide
  • 70 Employees
  • Macae in Brazil
  • Houston, Texas. USA
  • Aberdeen, Scotland

Who is TESS Subsea as?

  • An engineering and production company within the TESS group.
  • Supplier of products and customized solutions in the fields of subsea distribution equipment.
  • The leader in Norway for fabrication, inspection, and testing of stainless steel hose assemblies, & metal expansion joints.
  • Service provider of general mechanical and hydraulic assembly.
  • A company with a strong focus on quality and HSE. Quality and HSE management are part of our business philosophy.

What can TESS Subsea offer?

  • High-quality products on time.
  • Competitive prices and reasonable lead times due to our extensive network of suppliers and precise control of them.
  • Competent staff to support and fulfill the project requirements to ensure a smooth project completion
  • A dynamic and flexible organization
  • In-house testing and engineering services
  • Engineering and qualification testing of products.
  • Product Improvement /development in close cooperation with the client.

Subsea products and systems

  • Hydraulic Flying Leads (Multi / Single Line)
  • Steel Flying Leads
  • Cobra Heads
  • MQC assemblies ( Logic caps, test plates, etc)
  • Hose Bundles / Hose Assemblies,
  • Workover / Infield umbilicals (short lengths ≤ 3,5km)
  • Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies
  • Metal Bellows & Expansion Joints

For more information, contact:
Stefan Johnsen
Tlf.: 47 32 84 41 02 / + 47 47 84 07 90
E-mail: stefan.johnsen@tess.no