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TESS Hose Management

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A user friendly and og risk-based maintenance system

THM is easy to use and suits all needs, no matter how many hoses you may have. You can safely entrust your hose maintenance to our experts.

A hose rupture may cause the release of harmful substances, which may lead to:

  • Downtime and operational shutdowns

  • Dangerous events like fires and accidents

  • Environmental emissions

This may lead to:

  • Risk of injury or loss of life

  • Production shutdowns and lost revenue

  • Ill repute

  • Serious environmental damages




  • Survey and registration

    Technical data and condition of every hose

  • Hose maintenance plan

    Information about inspections and planned replacements

  • ID tag

    Quick and easy identification, price request and ordering

  • Replacement of hose

    Based on results and intervals in the maintenance plan

  • Cloud-based database

    CustomerWEB and Mobile app for hose administration, maintenance and correct logging

  • Uptime secured by service

    24/7 Hose Support 02018


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Sales Director THM

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