Historically, there have been more men than women in the industry, which is also reflected in a higher proportion of men in leadership roles at TESS. We continuously work to promote gender equality and increase the representation of women, especially in leadership positions.

At TESS, we are dedicated to advancing gender equality and preventing discrimination. Our initiatives include using gender-neutral job advertisements and images. We prioritize merit-based promotions, ensuring the right fit for each role regardless of gender.

Zero Tolerance Philosophy:

We are committed to creating a work environment free from discrimination based on gender or ethnicity, upheld through our comprehensive systems.

Our Systems

Through our employee and management handbooks, alongside our Environment and Sustainability guidelines, we ensure clear policies and support for our workforce.

Guided by our values and zero-tolerance approach, we actively promote gender equality and combat discrimination and stereotypes.


Plans and Actions for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination:

Safety rounds.  Through established channels for safety rounds, the Joint Working Environment Committee (AMU), reporting procedures, and ethics procedures, we ensure equality and prevent discrimination at TESS.

Work Environment Surveys.  We conduct anonymous work environment surveys on a regular basis to assess whether employees have a work environment in line with the above points. Results from the work environment survey are followed up with action lists and points based on any findings from the survey.

Equality Practices. To promote gender equality and prevent discrimination contrary to the Equality Act, measures such as gender-neutral job advertisements have been implemented, and employees are hired based on qualifications, not gender. TESS has no employees in involuntary part-time positions. TESS has no tradition of advertising part-time positions. Temporary employment is primarily used when substitutes are needed, during parental leave, or for other reasons.

Competence.  We ensure all employees achieve the required competence levels, crucial for their roles, with a target of 90% competence attainment.


Equality Report 2023 (Norwegian)