The company's objective is zero incidents and maximum attendance. Therefore, in our daily work, we aim to prevent any form of accident or health damage and to create a pleasant working environment. This is achieved through our internal control system, where safety and work environment are planned and monitored on par with service, technology, and economy.

The responsibility for maintaining health, environment, and safety lies with the management, but all employees at TESS contribute to this effort. TESS aims to have competent employees who want to do a good job and help create a good reputation with customers and authorities, focusing on the right person in the right place, and always being available to customers.



All employees at TESS undergo competence and training programs based on roles defined in a competence matrix. We use the Training Portal to register competence in the company. Both practical and formal competence are recorded. The competence level at TESS is measured from the system. The goal is 90% completion.

At TESS, we set ambitious competence goals, and the requirements are continuously increasing. We constantly implement new tasks into the various roles, for example, expanded and increased requirements for hose competence.


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Training and Development

We are committed to investing in our employees, focusing on training and development. This allows employees to develop in their jobs and leads to increased engagement and motivation.

Continuous learning and competence enhancement are among the most important measures for employees to ensure that customers and TESS succeed in competitiveness and growth. 

TESS aims to be a "learning organization" that meets the future with rapid changes. Through training and development, we consciously invest in our people and promote our employees. Key competencies in the organization are assessed at least once a year during management reviews. TESS Academy also offers courses to customers and partners, leading to cost savings and increased uptime in certain areas.


If you have any questions, please contact:

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Inger Lise Caspersen

Director of HR
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