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Nanobubble Technology


The nanobubble generator from TESS ensures rapid and stable oxygen dissolution over time, optimizing fish growth at the lowest total cost. This technology improves conditions for delousing, enhances water quality and feeding conditions, and maintains low operating costs.

Our nanobubble generator integrates seamlessly with liquid flow systems, converting bulk oxygen into nanobubbles.

Negatively charged nanobubbles have neutral buoyancy, allowing them to remain in the water for an extended period. They function like a battery, delivering oxygen throughout the entire water mass. As oxygen is consumed, the nanobubbles continuously release new oxygen, maintaining optimal levels.

This technology is particularly beneficial for fish in densely packed cages or tanks, or those being transferred via hose, ensuring they receive more oxygen over a longer period than other methods.

Basics of Nanobubbles

Approximately 64 million nanobubbles can fit inside a single microbubble. Nanobubbles have a high internal pressure, which creates a hard, charged surface. This results in an impressive oxygen dissolution efficiency of 85%.

Maximizing Fish Growth and Reducing Costs


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Improved survival rates during delousing

Enhanced growth rates

Better gill health

Increased density and quality of biomass

Enhanced water oxidation (H2O)

Cleaner and improved Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) process

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Easy to install

Integration with existing systems

No moving parts

Low maintenance

Can be used horizontally and vertically

Suitable for both freshwater and seawater

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Reduced energy consumption

Lower mortality rates

Reduced levels of nitrogen and toxins

Decreased biofilm formation

Lower CO2 emissions

Shorter waiting times during delousing




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Bubble System

Our bubble systems feature cutting-edge membrane technology, allowing precise control over bubble sizes. Constructed from durable polyethylene, these systems are safe and reliable for use in fish cages.

At TESS, we customize each bubble system to meet the specific needs and requirements of each location. Our systems can include a compressor housed in a container, along with piping and a flow meter cabinet.

This system technology is designed to ensure the most optimal air injection possible. Installing more than one diffuser platform can enhance the circulation effect. The lightweight design of PE-100 provides additional strength and a long lifespan.

  • Multiple design options for various membrane diffusers.

  • Available membrane sizes: 9”, 12”, and 20”.

  • The ballast is integrated into the outer ring of the diffuser platform made of PE-100.

  • All joints are mirror welded for increased security.

The system maintains continuous buoyancy and water circulation within the fish cage, stabilizing the environment. It eliminates stratification of low oxygen levels, temperature, and salinity, resulting in a more homogeneous quality in the water column.



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