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Food fish farms

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Slanger og tilbehør

TESS tilbyr et komplett utvalg av slanger for alle formål. Vår hemmelighet er god kjennskap til behov og krav i havbruksnæringen. 

Våre slanger er nøye utvalgt, og designet for å møte alle tekniske behov og krav til kvalitet for økt oppetid.  Dette gir våre kunder slitesterke slanger med høy kvalitet og lang levetid.

Vi tilbyr et komplett sortiment av slanger og tilhørende komponenter til havbruksnæringen. Vi har stort fokus på individuelle behov og spesifikasjoner, og bistår gjerne med skreddersydde løsninger.



Clothing and PPE

Whether you are exposed to cold, heat, gas, dust, noise, or other forms of risk, TESS provides clothing and protective equipment to meet all your needs.

We work closely with a range of reputable, high-quality brand suppliers. Our extensive selection is carefully chosen and tailored to meet the needs of the industry.

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Oil and Lubricants


Panolin offers a biologically degradable and food-grade registered fully synthetic hydraulic oil based on saturated ester. This versatile oil is suitable for a wide range of applications, including offshore, marine, and food production industries.


Cleaning Agents and Disinfection

We offer cleaning products in tablet or liquid form. Our range covers all the needs of the aquaculture and fishing industries.

Salar-Des is highly effective against both viruses and bacteria. This sought-after effervescent tablet is listed on the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s list of approved disinfectants for aquaculture. Salar-Des simplifies and enhances the disinfection of equipment in the aquaculture industry. It is approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency for shorter contact times of 1 and 5 minutes. This popular tablet is more health and safety friendly than traditional solutions and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater.


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Nanobubble Technology

TESS offers customized nanobubble technology and bubble systems tailored to each location's specific needs and requirements. These systems are designed to enhance the environment within fish cages, promoting better health and growth conditions for aquaculture. 









Mooring Systems from EIVA-SAFEX

TESS company EIVA-SAFEX offers a wide range of mooring systems, ensuring secure anchoring solutions for various applications. 



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With a wide variety of options and the possibility for custom orders, Mørehåven offers flexible and competitive products. We showcase the core range of nets. Please contact us for any questions and customization to suit your specific needs.


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Aquaculture and Fisheries
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Senior Sales Coordinator

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